Digital Servo Controllers, Systems and Integration
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For over a decade Alphi Technology has been a leading developer and manufacturer of Digital Servo Control boards, systems and services. Our success is purely based on; "DELIVER" what the customer wants and needs for their particular application and test. This simple concept has led many Fortune 500 customers to Alphi to provide state of the art DSP (Digital Signal Processors) based Digital Servo Controllers and services. Alphi was the first to pioneer a 100% FULLY digital system.  It incorporated digital encoded potentiometers, digital analog meters and digital communication for a true analog feel. Other important features for safety includes mechanical /digital fail safe technology and digital interlock & break wire system.  We use open architectures and standards in all our boards, system and software designs. These milestones set Alphi Technology apart from the all others.

To learn more about Alphi's Digital Servo Control boards, systems, services and capabilities please feel free to contact us or browse through our web pages.

What Alphi Technology offer its customers.

Industry Application: Automotive, Aerospace, 
Scientific & Material test
Types of Control: Hydraulic Actuators
Pneumatic Actuators
Electrical Actuators
Control Loop Supported: Load, Fatigue, End-Point, Custom
Loop Control Configurations: 1-288 channels single feedback systems 
1-24 channel dual & triple stage 
feedback systems
Feed Back Types: LVDT, Strain Gage, Load Cell, 
Pressure and D.C. High Level
P.I.D Loop Rates 1khz, 2khz, 4khz standard
upto 8khz with DSP co-processor
Data Acquisition Systems: PCIbus 
VMEbus & VXIbus
Stand Alone
Data Management Software: Written for customer specific application
Complete Turn Key Systems: Partnered with industry leaders to offer 
complete turn-key system.


Manual & Data Sheet
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